I'm a Certified Ethical Hacker [EC-Council] and completed CISCO CCNA [N+]. Now I'm doing B.E ECE in SNSCT, Coimbatore, India. Interested in researching about VLSI, recent technologies and learning about software & hardware hacking.

I really got an awesome experience in testing Firefox 51.0a2 Aurora Dev Version on 28th October 2016.

As you may already know, last Friday – September 30th 2016 – Testday event, for Firefox 50 Beta 3. Thank you for all participants !

I had tested Mozilla Firefox beta 50.0.b3 in Kali linux 2.0 on October 1 2016. While testing i found a bug in Pointer Lock API.

Public Etherpad-Mozilla Report of Beta 50.0.b3

Bug #1307346

Paper Name A Survey on effective Automatic Test Pattern Generator of Self-Checking Scan-BIST VLSI Circuits
Published Date 2016 MAY
Volume 3
Issue 5
Pages 645-648
Publisher IRJET

G. Naveen Balaji
S. Chenthur Pandiyan
D. Rajesh

    Abstract - This paper attempts to show the survey on ISCAS89 Sequential Benchmark circuits. Gate delay, propagation delay, no. of flip flops and total number of gates are listed and compared for benchmark circuits.The circuits were built in .asl file and simulated using AUSIM L2.3.Operating temperature, marginal supply voltage as well as an increased output load capacitance leads to variation in gate delay or in propagation delay.Depending on the circuit components placed one after another, the delay varies. All aspectsare compared for the Benchmark circuitsfrom s27 to s38584.

    Key Words: Linear assembly, Test Pattern Generator, Linear Feedback Shift Register, Weighted and Transition Density Pattern


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“Don't waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear.”
- Paulo Coelho

"If you are good at something never do it for free"
- Joker

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